Paul Nelson is a life long adventurer, spending over 25 years traveling the world operating undersea robotic equipment. Paul's work has led him from the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, to aircraft recoveries off the coast of Africa, to discovering centuries old ship wrecks in the Mediterranean. His photos have been published in local and national magazines and have been higlighted in local and International news programs. Paul's images were selected this year as a first place winner in THE 3rd INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF FINE ART & DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY, held in Malaga Spain. Paul is a primarily self-taught photographer, but credits much of his ability to present the finer points of his craft by studying the work of John Shaw, Freeman Patterson, and E. David Luria. Paul has led many of the "Annapolis Photo Tours" under the auspices of E. David Luria and The Washington Photo Safari. Paul's photographs have the power to wake people up to their own inner sense of joy, through truly celebrating the beauty of creation.

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